Sunday, May 24, 2009

Finally some slippers to sell!

I've had a busy few days sewing. Below are some passport wallets I've made. Most are now listed through Ebay, Etsy & Oz Handmade.

I sat Friday cutting our fabric for 10 pairs of slippers. Yesterday I managed to sew 4 of them together. Below is a cute Barefoot Roses pair I've listed on Etsy... look at those cute little yo-yo's!

These pair are a little different from my normal, but I love them just the same! They are in my Oz Handmade Store...

And these cuties are made with some linen & lace. So much cuter than the photo's... Also on Etsy.. All have been made in a size 7 - but custom orders are offered for different sizing.

And this sweet pair were my absolute favourite! Well I just couldn't part with them so they're now on my feet! Lol! I couldn't be expected to make all these slippers without keeping any! I'll sew the rest up over the next couple of days...

A while ago Jodi from 'This, That & The Other' mentioned she had bought some iron on labels from Monkey Graphics. Well I've wanted some for a whil so i headed on over to her Etsy store and grabbed my self some. I got some large and small ones for different types of projects. Shown below is one of the small labels on my slipper. She done such a good job designing them! Wonderful price too! I'll definately be back when I run out!

Best wishes,


Terri said...

Monkey Graphics is where I used to buy my lable as well, until Ilearned how to do them cheaper myself.
She does great work, I posted about her on my blog awhile back , super easy to work with I cant wait to see them

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenelle,
You are one clever cookie! Those slippers are just sooo cute, I too love the ones you picked to keep.
Your passport wallets are also really nice, almost too nice to use!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenelle,
Oh, keep those great ideas coming.
Always interesting to read your blog and see what's new at Shabby Raggy Roses.

Robin said...

My feet feel happy just looking at those lovely slippers! They are all beautiful (though I do especially love the yo-yo ones!). I also love your new labels-- very nifty!

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

I'm so far behind in my blog reading! These are adorable. ooxx`jodi p.s. glad you liked the labels.