Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Amazing giveaway from 'Don't Look Now'

One last little post...
I just had to let you all know about this lovely ginaway from Kellie at "Don't Look Now". You get the chance to win two of these amazing cushions (seen in the pic above) , Amy, Lilly & Tina monkeys and a pattern!
I've got my entry in, definately won't be missing this one! I've been a fan of Kellie's blog for ages now. It was one of the first blogs I found! Her designs are stunning. Check it out!
Best wishes,

Monday, March 30, 2009

Quilts and other projects

I just finished my Baby Pinwheel Quilt designed by Jodi at 'Simply This That and the Other'. I love the way it's turned out, those Prairie Points are just so cute!
I think I'll do another one in some soft pink and sage...

And my pink & grey quilt was finished this morning, this one measures 102cms x 116cms (40" x 45.4") so it's a great lap quilt. I also added my first peiced backing for this one as I had soem leftover strips, it just adds that little bit 'more' I think!

And below is a pic of a pencil roll I made for a present for a friend of my daughters. The party was on Friday afternoon, and it was last minute invites. I've seen so many of these floating around recently and I thought it was ideal. Combined with a receycled paper scrapbook - I'm sure he'll create many artistic pictures with this...

Finally, I picked up these sweet fabrics on Friday. I intend to use them for a new quilt I just started on today. It's from Chickpea Sewing Studio, called Finn's quilt and there is a great tutorial for it!

I hope you enjoyed the pic's...
Best wishes,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My new sewing desk!

I've been looking all over the place for a new sewing desk. I would have been more than happy to sand and re-paint, so I've been looking in all the second hand shops near me. But I'd found nothing till yesterday when I visited the Salvo's, and there was this sweet little desk - already perfectly painted white for me! I didn't want anything too big as I've got a little corner in my bedroom (I've been sewing on the dining table till now)

I slightly distressed the corners - but since decided I'd like it a little bit more distressed... So I'm thrilled to bits, I can leave my sewing machine out all the time - and nobody can whinge at me that they have no where to sit and eat dinner! Giggle! (4 kids & 2 adults - we kinda need the whole dining table!)

So with my new found sewing freedom I finished my grey & pink quilt top. I'd seen this design on Moda Bake Shop, and thought it would be great for this quilt. Now I just have to get it quilted...

And last of all I'm doing this
Pinwheel Baby Quilt. I finished all the pinwheels for the centre, and I have about a million Prairie Points to press tomorrow!

I love the retro look with the red and blue together! I'm tempted to make more pinwheels for a larger quilt to keep - I don't have any idea where I'm gonna keep all these new quilts...
I've recently found out a close friend of mine is pregnant! I'm sooo dying to make her a million things for the baby - but it's probably better to see what she has - only 29 weeks to go!
Best wishes,

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Baby quilts finished!

I spent the entire day on Friday stipple quilting 4 quilts. The first one below is my 3" squares quilt. I was planning on selling it, but I like it so much I'm thinking I'll keep this one. All of the squares were entirely from my scrap stash!

And below are the three baby quilts. I think these are so cute! All of them are now on Ebay.
More of the cherry red...

And sweet Shabby ones...

As promised, I've included a picture of my hubby Charlie with 'Baby' Caiden. This one was taken when we were in QLD in February.

And this happened when I was taking photo's of the above quilts. I'd just been on the computer, so Caiden was patiently awaiting my return, when he fell asleep. I quickly snapped this pic before I moved him to a more comfy location! Notice the Rash vest - he was trying to convince me to take him swimming at the pool where my sister lifeguards - and the brown boots (On the wrong feet) which he just LOVES! He seriously has a shoe fetish at the moment - and his Thomas train in one hand. Odd combination, but that's Caiden most of the time! He He!

Thanks for taking a peek into my last few days...
Best wishes,

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mmmm Yum! Fabric shopping!

Well... I know I said I was going to be madly quilting yesterday, but I stopped in at Spotlight for some shopping. Well I got slightly carried away! I had two vouchers to get $40 off when you spend $100, so I decided I may as well use both! I bought so many sweet quilting fabrics, plus 5 metres of natural wadding, some plain quilt cotton, and some flannelette. I was quite happy to get all this for just $120. My trolley was full of fabric...and my two year old!

I wanted to get a range of grey prints, as I've been dying to make a pin and grey quilt as I think the colours go so well together. And a few more reds as I was sadly lacking them in my stash!

So now today will be quilting day! I have a few baby quilts tops to do, that I'll be listing on Ebay once they're completed. I've also got a birthday quilt to do for a friends daughter. Once all these are done, I can get stuck into all these yummy fabrics!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet little doll quilt...

I finished this cute doll quilt yesterday. I think it's just so sweet, and I'll be making a larger one now in a similar design and fabrics. The cherry red just stands out great I think. I stipple quilted it, washed and tumble dried it. Now I just have to decide whether to let my daughter keep it for her little doll cradle I've pictured it with...

Do you remember this quilt that I blogged about recently. Well I found something different for my mum for her birthday, as I thought this quilt was lacking something. So I decided to quilt it all over, and what a difference it makes. It looks like a whole new quilt! So now I'm thinking maybe Mothers Day to give this to my Mum. But she was commenting on this quilt the other day, saying how much she loved this one...so she'll get one or the other, we'll see!

I've recently finished three cot quilt tops, so that'll be my jobs for tomorrow, quilting them & my 3" squares quilt! I've so enjoyed this quilting business...I've even got my sister in law, and her friend (Mad quilters!) stippling their patchwork! Something they never thought they'd be able to do, just as I thought at one stage. I'm so glad I finally tried it.
It was my husband Charlie's birthday yesterday. Yes on St. Patrick's day! He's scottish, but our family name Fitzpatrick is Irish so it's always a great day for him and his family to celebrate. He's a bit miffed that I've not added a picture of him on my blog yet, so I'll have to post one next time! Well I added one, but he was headless...so I don't think that counts!
Well I'm off to get the kiddies into bed now! Have fun girls!
Best wishes,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Two more quilts...

Four quilts all done! So far...

This is my yo-yo flower quilt I showed pictures of previously. I finished it yesterday. I quilted it, added the spotty binding, and lastly washed and tumble dried it for that lovely crinkly look. It's not a very good size for usage really... I didn't think that far ahead, so I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet.

And this quilt is my favourite. I never did show any pic's of this one pre-quilted. The top was finished last year in May, just before our trip to Scotland. Completely random scrappy. Every single bit was from my scrap pile / hoard / draw...
It measures 62" x 45"
I originally made it so I could lay it over the back of the sofa, but I wanted something comfy to snuggle into. So it's on the back of sofa, and is so soft and crinkly - I just love it.
It was a long time getting finished...but I was a little nervous about the quilting part. Well I'm so over that nervousness now! I quilted these two for about 3.5 hours straight yesterday, and it felt like 5 minutes! Totally enjoyed it. My thumb has mysteriously gone numb, still is, but that's only a small price to pay. Lol!

I still have my 3" squares quilt to finish, and another large one I finished recently. I'm also in the process of making some baby quilts... More on them another day!
Best wishes,

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Raggy Quilt & More Bottle bags...

Two more bottle bags, this time made from pretty 'Shabby' fabrics. These will go on Ebay I think. I finished these early this morning. As a bonus they turned out a little larger (certainly not planned...Lol) so they can fit 2 bottles of wine!

These are quite simple to make, I've simply used 3" squares for the front, 3 across with 7 rows. Quilted onto wadding, then sewn into a drawstring bag. I don't have a pattern...I never use them. Just make it up as I go! Your welcome to give them a go.

This is the Chenille Raggy Quilt I mentioned in my last post. So soft and fluffy. I'll be listing it on Ebay tonight. It comes with it's own cushion to match. Perfect little throw for the sofa.
I've been meaning to make myself some pillow cases all week, but when I get an idea into my head for something else to make, everything goes out the window. My daughter is still waiting on hers too!
I also managed to finish the top to my 3" squares quilt. It was time consuming sewing all those tiny bits together but it looks great. I'm hoping to have time to quilt it in the next couple of days. Each quilt I make I like better than the one before, does that mean I just get bored easily? Or is it actually better? Not sure, but it keeps me sewing and creating more. I'm never short on ideas for things to make!
Well I'm off to go blog hopping!
Best wishes,

Monday, March 9, 2009

Wine Bottle Bag...

I finished this bag on Friday, it's for my Mum's birthday on Wednesday. The wine in and out of the bag is hers too! I'm sure she'll love them...
I'm really happy with how the bag turned out. I especially love the 3" squares I used for the front, then the quilting I did on top. I've already had a few comments from my friends that have popped over so I think I'll be making more of these.
My husband's reunion was Friday night, I had a pretty good time. More than ready to come home within the first hour, but then I got to know a few people and got chatting... as we do!
I ended up having to drag Hubby out of there by midnight, my best friend - babysitter was fast asleep on the couch (I felt sooo bad) but she was just glad I had a good time! Normally I'm home about 10pm when I know someone is sitting with the kids so they can go home...
Well I've been busy making another raggy quilt, this time it's all Chenille - pale pink, sage, white & cream. It's a sofa throw or a cot quilt. I'll show some pic's soon. Last night I cut some squares for another patchwork quilt. I'm sure I'll be finished with the top today!
Well I'm off to sew....
Best wishes,

Friday, March 6, 2009

Birthday quilt for my Mum...

I finally finished my stacked coins mini quilt. I decided to just quilt it in the ditch. It's my Mum's birthday next week so I think I may give it to her. I think it would look nice on the back of her new sofa...

This is the new bedspread I bought for my bed. Although it's a queen size it on barely covered the sides of the mattress. I was a bit dissapointed, but as I've been looking for a nice white one for a while now, I didn't want to return it.
The main problem was that I use the space under my bed for some storage! I have suitcases filled with fabric & chenille, along with two baskets full of shoes... and alot of other stuff.
So I decided to make this little bed skirt to hide everything. Now, as much as I like it, I actually think it may be a bit too much... I used the same fabric that I recovered my ottoman with. Well let me know your thoughts anyway.

The bedspread has a beautiful pattern...

I'm thinking of making a wine bottle carry bag for my Mum. Patchwork style, sort of like a gift bag & hand bag in one. She would love something like this to take a bottle of wine to a party. I'm still working out ideas in my head though so I'll let you know when I'm done...
I'm off to my husband's High School Reunion tonight. He's sooo looking forward to it! I won't know anybody so I don't exactly feel the same way. I'm actually quite a shy person, and I'm really not good at meeting new people for the first time. Well wish me luck..

Best wishes,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More quilts...! 1 finished!!

Well I've finally finished 1 quilt. This is a wall quilt I did using some Pinwheels (I think that's what they're called!) I found it a little hard to get the points to match so don't look too closely! I quilted it around the squares, and then added some rustic hand stitching in some of the triangles.
I'm quite proud of the way it turned out, no bunching at all of the backing fabric, but then again, it's quite small so we'll see how we go with a larger quilt...Lol! I made the binding with the scrappy leftover pieces.

A work in progress...

This was my idea for a quilt which I mentioned in my last post. I've been working on this one for a few days now. Alot more hand stitching than I'm used to...I usually hate hand stitching but actually quite enjoyed it with this quilt.

I love the way the yo-yo's & buttons look in this one... I will be quilting this in the next few days hopefully. Maybe even catch up on the other quilts I've done too! I've already got another quilt in mind...will it never end? I'm addicted!

By the way, the pale green/mint fabric from my last post is called 'Sweet As A Rose' from RJR Fabrics...

Best wishes,