Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sweet little doll quilt...

I finished this cute doll quilt yesterday. I think it's just so sweet, and I'll be making a larger one now in a similar design and fabrics. The cherry red just stands out great I think. I stipple quilted it, washed and tumble dried it. Now I just have to decide whether to let my daughter keep it for her little doll cradle I've pictured it with...

Do you remember this quilt that I blogged about recently. Well I found something different for my mum for her birthday, as I thought this quilt was lacking something. So I decided to quilt it all over, and what a difference it makes. It looks like a whole new quilt! So now I'm thinking maybe Mothers Day to give this to my Mum. But she was commenting on this quilt the other day, saying how much she loved this she'll get one or the other, we'll see!

I've recently finished three cot quilt tops, so that'll be my jobs for tomorrow, quilting them & my 3" squares quilt! I've so enjoyed this quilting business...I've even got my sister in law, and her friend (Mad quilters!) stippling their patchwork! Something they never thought they'd be able to do, just as I thought at one stage. I'm so glad I finally tried it.
It was my husband Charlie's birthday yesterday. Yes on St. Patrick's day! He's scottish, but our family name Fitzpatrick is Irish so it's always a great day for him and his family to celebrate. He's a bit miffed that I've not added a picture of him on my blog yet, so I'll have to post one next time! Well I added one, but he was I don't think that counts!
Well I'm off to get the kiddies into bed now! Have fun girls!
Best wishes,

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Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Charlie! How about Charlie get himself a blog and then he can all the pictures he would like. I got my husband to put up a blog. Just send me a link and I'll visit him too!

Your quilt is again, gorgeous. I must sit down and try my hand at this stippling. I'm a nervous nilly when I begin a new "thing or technique" but I must try.