Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Cute Stuff!

Vicki from Tozz's Corner received the slippers she won from my competition. She chose the above sweet pair.

I've yet to sell any slippers as each one I make, I love them all too much and put them straight on my feet! I posted 2 to Joyce in Scotland (My hubby's Aunt) who made me fall inlove with these style of slippers to begin with. Maybe I'll get some more done this week... to sell, not to wear!
I did make this sweet pair with a little adjustment of my pattern - they are an infants size 6. How cute are they! They have Minkee on the base so they are just so cosy for little feet. I really should put them in the new store but the are just sooo cute I've not been able to part with them!

I've still been busy making a few new things for the new Store on Oz Handmade. More Heat Pillows and adorable baby sets of a blanket, burp pads & a quilted bib.

It's going to be a cold & windy day here in Geelong today! Looks like it's a day for staying in and sewing - that's no surprise though! Hubby is a player / coach of a Soccer team here, and it's their first game today - unfortunately I won't be there as I just can't stand the cold weather! So me and the kids will have a quiet one at home with the heating on!

I'm experimenting with a new project at the moment - 4 finished ones so far, but I'm still not 100% happy with it! So hopefully it'll be 5th time lucky! I'll show you when I'm done - but not before in case it doesn't turn out well :)

I've got 3 quilt tops all pinned and ready to be quilted - hopefully I'll get around to finishing them soon too.

Best wishes,


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can sew again!

Well the kiddies went back to school yesterday... Whoo Hoo! I know that sounds terrible, but I was just stuck in a rut of not being able to sew much at all! Now look what I've done in the last few days... A handbag for ME! Although my Mum has already spotted it.. so I don't think I'll get to keep it for long!

Also some things for my New Store on Oz Handmade! Notebook covers, pencil rolls, book bags...

A set of two pillow slips for a friend! Her second set! She now has about 8 pillows all piled on her bed - and it looks so sweet!

A Chenille Raggy Quilt for the new store too...

And I finally finished one of my 'Stacked Coins' quilts. This one is baby size, and I love it, looks so sweet, and I've backed ot with flannelette so it's sooo soft!

So many of my favourite fabrics feature in this, I still have two more to make almost the same, another one for the store and one for Ebay I think!

Well I'm just loving the last few days - Connor came home from school yesterday and promptly fell asleep! What a hard day he must have had!
Caiden is missing them, but he has me to annoy lol! Constantly by my side asking many questions! I wouldn't have it any other way though!
I'm making another charm square quilt - in red, pink & aqua - it's nearly done and I love the colours! I'll show you soon...
I hope you've all been having a great few days too!
Best wishes,

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Check out Oz Handmade!

Oz handmade is a brand new site, dedicated to all things handmade. I've just finished setting up my store 'Shabby Raggy Roses' for the release at midnight tonight! There are adorable baby, gift and home handmade items already listed with all the different stores.
I hope you'll come and visit!
Best wishes,

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Giveaway Winner.....

Ballet Slippers Giveaway Winner...
Thankyou to those who entered my giveaway, and those who left some lovely comments. This was my first tutorial, I'm not one for patterns so this was new to me! I'm so glad you all liked the slippers! Can't wait to see some finished - be sure to send me some photo's.

My son Connor had the honour of drawing the winner this morning.
He drew Vicki from Tozz's Corner! Congratulations Vicki - now you just need to email me to let me know your choice of slippers and your postal details! I'm heading over now to let her know the good news and to enter her Giveaway too!

Now off for some sewing....

Best wishes,


Friday, April 17, 2009

A very slow week...

This week has been a very slow, unproductive one for me. With the kids on school holidays till Monday it's been slightly hectic! As much as I love the part about no rushing around like mad in the mornings getting 4 kids ready, getting to stay in my PJ's till lunch time :) and of course spending more time with my kids, I will be relieved when school starts back next week. I've not done much sewing at all! My daughter had a birthday party sleepover this week, so I made the above pillow for the little girl. I think it went down ok, some appreciate the thought of a handmade gift - but some don't.

I made this bookmark for myself - I'm such a mad reader. I'm absolutely lost if I don't have a good book to read, and I've been like that since I was about 10 years old. My son Jay is the same as me, we always have our heads stuck in a book. The best thing is, is that I love the young adult books - so much more fun than adult ones, so he nearly always reads everything after me. Unless it's girly - then he won't even pick it up!

This is a stacked coins quilt I'm in the process of making, although a little different - I'm using all pink scraps with white between each. I have the coin strips all done, just need to add the sashing now.

And I finally got my Kath Kidston mag in the mail. It's such a joy to look through, and making my dream list of everything I want - which is nearly everything in there!

My long awaited (About 1 week - lol) order from Amazon - containing the book 'Stargazer' has finally arrived with today's courier - so I'm not sure anything else will get done now cos I'll be reading that till it's all done! Then watching the 'Moonlight' season one DVD that arrived with the book!
Best wishes,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

TUTORIAL ~ Make your own Ballet Slippers & A Giveaway!

Ballet Slippers

Here's an easy way to make some really cute slippers! Hopefully my instructions will be easy to understand! There are other ways to make these, but this is probably the easiest way. Make any changes where you prefer.

I'm a size 7.5 ( My foot measures 24.5cms) so the pattern is to fit me - please adjust to fit.

First of all, download 'Slipper base' template & 'Slipper top' template. Print, this will be your template to cut your fabic. If your foot is larger, I would say adding the extra length of your measured foot to the tails of the slipper top and to the sole would make for a perfect fit.

I'm using a cute print form Moda's Wonderland Bloom! Along with Moda Essential Dots for the inside fabric.

You will need to cut:

Base ~ 4 from wadding, 2 from interfacing, 2 inside peices and 2 bottom peices - You may want to find some non slip fabric for this, or something a little more durable.

*Make sure you flip your template so you have a left & right foot peice!

Slipper top ~ 2 from you feature fabric, 2 from wadding, 2 from the medium interfacing & 2 from your inside fabric to match the base.

Once you have all your peices cut, assemble them as shown below -
Base: Bottom peice, Interfacing, 2x wadding peices (for extra padding) and then your inside peice.

Slipper top needs to assembled - wadding peice, Inside peice (facing up) and the feature peice (facing down) so fabric is right sides together, then interfacing on top.

Once you have pinned them, stitch around each base holding all 5 layers together

Then sew around the inner curve of your top peice

Unpin the top peices, and you will need to pull the top fabric around to the other side ~ wiggle and press till nice and flat.

Topstitch around the inner curve...

Pin the tails of the top peice with feature fabric (top fabric) right sides together, sew along the edge securely - here I've added a binding to hide the edge or you can leave it raw.

Pin the top section to your base with your feature fabric and outside of bottom peice to the inside.

Carefully sew around the outside edge ensuring you're sewing through all layers really well, overlock or zig zag around the edge too.

Turn inside out - and you have a lovely pair of Ballet Slippers

Now embellish! These ones got a little bow on each side.

These got some cute crochet lace...

Again some crochet lace with some little buttons!

And finally some pink Ric Rac! Yo-yo's would be a great idea too!

Well I hope that was easy enough to understand - a bit confusing when I read back through it afterwards, but I tried.

I'd love to hear your feedback, and see pic's of finished slippers! Please feel free to email me at if you need any further info.

As an extra bonus - A Givaway!

** Giveaway is now closed - Congratulations to Vicki from Tozz's Corner! She picked the middle pic slippers with crochet lace & buttons! They've just been posted off to her. I hope you like them Vicki!

If you blog about and link to this tutorial you'll get added to the draw to win one of the finished slippers pictured in the last 3 photo's! Winner gets to choose which pair they want. Simply leave a comment on this post to let me know that you've posted & linked to this tutorial. One entry per blog.

Entries will close on Friday 17th April at midnight Australian time. I'll let you know a winner on Saturday morning. Please ensure I can contact you. Slippers are size 7.5 (UK size 5) so if they are not quite your size they would be perfect for a gift.

Best wishes everyone - have fun sewing!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A lovely fabric package!

Look what I got in the mail on Friday!
Lots of yummy sweet fabric's from Fabritopia! What a perfect shop!
I have wanted some of these fabric's from Annette Tatum's 'House' for soooo long! And they are finally here...I'm so excited. I've already made a few things with them.

And this one below is a bit out of my normal range of fabrics... but I do have something in mind for it...

Look what I made today! I'm quite excited with these. I have a huge 'thing' for cute little ballet slippers... My husband's Aunt usually brings me about 6 pairs every year when they come here from Scotland...but I've already worn them to death, and was not looking forward to finding some here. So I unpicked an old grotty pair (I am sooo not showing a pic of them!) and got cutting and sewing these sweeties. I absolutely love them! Super comfy and just sooo cute. I can just imagine what my slipper collection is going to look like now.... :)

And these Paris Bebe ones will be on the way to Joyce in Scotland tomorrow, I swear I was only modelling them for the pic's... :)
I also finished my 'Charm square quilt'. It was a bit harder to do the quilting due to the size, I've tried to keep them small till now, but I felt it was time to move up in size. I think it's turned out really well. I have another two quilt's to do the quilting on this week, I'm just lovin' this!

Here's another A4 Notebook cover I've also made, something a little more simple.

I had an email on Sunday night from a lovely lady I made some Raggy quilts for. You can see that post here..
She was pregnant with twin girls, and I made her matching quilts and name cushions. She sent me a little note telling me she had her two little girls 5 weeks early on the 29th March. I also got an adorable picture of the sweeties, still in hospital for a few more weeks!
I thought it was such a nice thing for her to do. We make so many great friends through the things we make and do.

Best wishes,

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lavender Heat Packs & Pin cushions!

I've been busy making these heat packs above. These are patchwork raggy edge style! There's so many variations of these (We had a 'hot dog' once!) - and I've never seen a raggy quilted one so I thought I'd attempt one. I've also added just a touch of lavender, so that when you heat it up, you get a nice soothing fragrance. They will all be available in my Ebay store soon...

Above is a cute little baby boys quilt I've nearly finished and will be posted to a friend tomorrow!

An along the same idea of my heat packs - I've made this cute little raggy pin cushion. I weighted it with some rice - again, some lavender - to soothe me while sewing Lol! Not sure whether to make any more, please let me know your ideas...

I've finished my Charm quilt top in the Rambling Rose fabric I showed in a previous post. I'm hoping to get it finished tomorrow! I just love the colour!
Best wishes,