Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Cute Stuff!

Vicki from Tozz's Corner received the slippers she won from my competition. She chose the above sweet pair.

I've yet to sell any slippers as each one I make, I love them all too much and put them straight on my feet! I posted 2 to Joyce in Scotland (My hubby's Aunt) who made me fall inlove with these style of slippers to begin with. Maybe I'll get some more done this week... to sell, not to wear!
I did make this sweet pair with a little adjustment of my pattern - they are an infants size 6. How cute are they! They have Minkee on the base so they are just so cosy for little feet. I really should put them in the new store but the are just sooo cute I've not been able to part with them!

I've still been busy making a few new things for the new Store on Oz Handmade. More Heat Pillows and adorable baby sets of a blanket, burp pads & a quilted bib.

It's going to be a cold & windy day here in Geelong today! Looks like it's a day for staying in and sewing - that's no surprise though! Hubby is a player / coach of a Soccer team here, and it's their first game today - unfortunately I won't be there as I just can't stand the cold weather! So me and the kids will have a quiet one at home with the heating on!

I'm experimenting with a new project at the moment - 4 finished ones so far, but I'm still not 100% happy with it! So hopefully it'll be 5th time lucky! I'll show you when I'm done - but not before in case it doesn't turn out well :)

I've got 3 quilt tops all pinned and ready to be quilted - hopefully I'll get around to finishing them soon too.

Best wishes,



Tozz said...

Hi Jenelle and I love your slippers I was such a thrill to get them and I love looking at them. The other ones you have made are beautiful too and I can see why you cant part with them. Love the Baby sets and they would make great buys.
Its cold here today too and a great day for Blogging and sewing for sure :)

Anonymous said...

Come heck or the high waters i'll eventually make a pair of those slippers. They are adorable and the fact you make any color you want makes it so much more versatile. Nice job jenelle.

blushing rose said...

Again, I say ..... adorable! What talent you have ... my talent is in writing checks ... chuckle!
TTFN ~ Marydon

Purpleflowerpatch said...

They are all so beautiful, Jenelle!!

Chic Little Shop said...

Hi Jenelle
OMG.. your ballet shoes are so so cute. You are a very talented.
I will come for more later.
Thank you for visiting my blog.


Arlette said...

Your blog is so beautiful and I had a fabulous time browsing and seeing your wonderful work. I love your shabby chic sensibility!

shabbydreaming said...

Jenelle, Loving the new items!! You are so talented!! Jackson loves his quilt is sits in his baby swing and keeps him very cosy!!