Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A lovely fabric package!

Look what I got in the mail on Friday!
Lots of yummy sweet fabric's from Fabritopia! What a perfect shop!
I have wanted some of these fabric's from Annette Tatum's 'House' for soooo long! And they are finally here...I'm so excited. I've already made a few things with them.

And this one below is a bit out of my normal range of fabrics... but I do have something in mind for it...

Look what I made today! I'm quite excited with these. I have a huge 'thing' for cute little ballet slippers... My husband's Aunt usually brings me about 6 pairs every year when they come here from Scotland...but I've already worn them to death, and was not looking forward to finding some here. So I unpicked an old grotty pair (I am sooo not showing a pic of them!) and got cutting and sewing these sweeties. I absolutely love them! Super comfy and just sooo cute. I can just imagine what my slipper collection is going to look like now.... :)

And these Paris Bebe ones will be on the way to Joyce in Scotland tomorrow, I swear I was only modelling them for the pic's... :)
I also finished my 'Charm square quilt'. It was a bit harder to do the quilting due to the size, I've tried to keep them small till now, but I felt it was time to move up in size. I think it's turned out really well. I have another two quilt's to do the quilting on this week, I'm just lovin' this!

Here's another A4 Notebook cover I've also made, something a little more simple.

I had an email on Sunday night from a lovely lady I made some Raggy quilts for. You can see that post here..
She was pregnant with twin girls, and I made her matching quilts and name cushions. She sent me a little note telling me she had her two little girls 5 weeks early on the 29th March. I also got an adorable picture of the sweeties, still in hospital for a few more weeks!
I thought it was such a nice thing for her to do. We make so many great friends through the things we make and do.

Best wishes,


rachel griffith said...

yayyy to getting new fabric!!!

the little slippers are WAY too cute for words.
i need to learn how to make these. seriously.
my little feet are freezing right now...lol.

the charm quilt is fabulous!!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

oh, Janelle, Those slippers are soooo very cute.
Hugs, Anna

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job! Look at those slippers. I could sure use them right now. It's so cold here. I am still practicing my stippling before I go to something chic. I'm nervous but forging ahead.

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Jenelle, those slippers are just THE best - love 'em - wanna share the pattern? I'd love to make a pair (or two..or three) for myself!! A tutorial might be good - hint hint!!

shabbydreaming said...

DROOL!! love those fabric's!! and the slippers are too cute!! I coulda done with some of them in hospital!!

The Pink Poodle said...

dear jenelle..

they all look totally gorgeous..

Hey...my mum who is nearly 87 yo...loves her fashion etc..AND i would love to buy her some little ballet slippers to wear .. just at home..over the coming winter...

she is a size 7B...the shabby pink fabric is great...

soo just let me know where to buy a pair from you...
clever YOUNG girl!!!

ps...hope you have a lovely easter...and enjoy the school holidays..

xx andrea

clare's craftroom said...

Hi I have just found your lovely blog . Beautiful fabric , nice getting stuff in the mail besides bills . Happy Easter .

blushing rose said...

Love those little slippers!

I thoroughly enjoy your blog postings. May you & your family be blessed & have a beautiful blessed Easter. Thank you for being a blog partner ... TTFN (Thank Thy Father Now) ~ Marydon