Friday, January 9, 2009

Calendar Quilt Challenge beginning...

Well as promised, here is the start of my quilt for the Calendar Quilt Challenge. I've decided to do a different block each month, with this month being small squares. Next month I'm thinking of strips, but I'm trying not to get ahead of myself.
Yes I cheated, and I've done the 10th square, but hey, I won't have to add that tomorrow!
I'm planning on finishing the painting in the hall and lounge tomorrow and Sunday. I've used the colour 'Chintz' (half strength) throughout the house, with exception of the two boys bedrooms, which are a pale blue. All the trims & doors have been done in Antique White enamel. I also had timber panels half way up the wall in the dining room, which I painted white also, along with the timber panels in the bathroom & toilet.
We have now been in our house for just over 6 months - which has just flown! I did most of the painting myself, (hubby did a feature wall in the lounge) all the kitchen & dining, laundry, toilet, 4 bedrooms and entry. Just the hall and other 3 walls in the lounge to go - and the timber built in bookcase in the lounge will be going white too!
So this weekend will be a busy one for me! I can nearly feel those sore arms already! Bought the rest of the paint today, so I've got no more excuses. There has been about a 3 month gap between painting as I rediscovered the sewing machine & Ebay... Lol! But with our family arriving from Scotland in 9 sleeps, I'd better get a move on.
I promise once it's all finished, I will post some before and after photo's! Looks like a different house now, one that's so much more ME!
Best wishes all!

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