Sunday, February 22, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

Well my husbands Aunty & Uncle returned to Scotland last Saturday - what beautiful people they are! I'm now slowly getting back to routine. I have 3 kids at school now, Jay has just started High School, Breanna is in Grade 1 & Connor has just started Prep.

~ The little darlings! ~

So it's just me and Caiden at home during the day now. Poor Caiden doesn't know what to do with himself...he's just so used to having someone to play with. He's adjusting though, and I'm loving all the time I now have to spend at the sewing machine!

~ Pink Raggy Cushion ~

I took 4 weeks off from sewing while Joyce & Tommy were here, I didn't want to miss a moment of their time with us. So now I'm back in front of the machine! I've made about 12 Raggy cushions, some Mobile phone pouches, and half a patchwork quilt top... My mind is working overtime at the moment planning all my next projects.

~ Mobile Phone Pouch ~

~ Strippy Raggy Cushion ~

I already have in mind another patchwork quilt after I finish the one I'm currently working on - thanks to Kathryn from Our Shabby Cottage to passing on the quilt bug... it's just sooo much fun!

Our 'Routine' went completely out the window at the end of last year, so we're running around like nutters every morning trying to get ready. We're getting there! Connor's having a bit of a hard time adjusting to school life. He's been in trouble twice this week, just for small problems, and certain friends... He's just such an active boy, and being in a classroom for most of the day is a bit hard for him. Breanna nicely told him that she's never been in trouble..."Not Once" she said very proud of herself for being the teachers pet Lol!

Well that's enough for now. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with some pic's of the quilt top I'm doing.

Best wishes everyone,



our shabby cottage said...

Hi Jenelle, love your new items! The mobile phone pouches are great! It will take time for everyone to get back into the swing of things and poor Connor may find it takes a little longer. It is ahrd having an active boy - I know!

Linda said...

I absolutely LOVE your stuff and your blog. I am a fan of yours now and I hope you will continue to blog and put on your lovely things. Thanks so much. Linda

I'm putting you in my favorites.

The Pink Poodle said...

I love those shaggy shaggy cushions...and what?? you have made 12??


You are a legend to me ... who cannot sew!!

xx andrea

Anonymous said...

I like this one!! Very pretty!