Saturday, February 28, 2009

Raggy Quilt...Cover!

I've been meaning to post for ages about my progress on the Calender Quilt Challenge. January is all done and February is getting there, I'm a little bit behind but I'll catch up with a little time set aside tomorrow. January is done with small squares, and February is strips. I'm still deciding on March... and suggestions??

I've been busy this week making this Raggy Quilt for an order. The difference with this one is that it's a quilt cover. A customer wanted the Raggy style, but also wanted to still use a doona with it. So she'll still get the fluffy look from the doona, but has a raggy quilt also! I love the bright pinks in this one, they really stand out against the white prints.

I just had to add this photo of my littlest one Caiden. Such a terror, but absolutely adorable. He gets away with so much because he just cracks you up! This is my headless husband holding him upside down while I was taking Ebay photo's.
I've had a ball the last few days reading everyone's blogs. I keep telling myself just to look for 5 minutes, but I get a bit carried away and find I've been reading for an hour - its just sooo much fun though! I'm sure you all feel the same...
Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Jenelle, firstly sorry about mispelling your name earlier. I think you should do diagonal strips for March, it's a bit harder but advances you along nicely to harder and more challenging patterns. Go for it!

Your raggy's are great. people generally either love them or hate them don't they. They go all out either way!


Linda said...

Janelle, I started blogging shortly after Christmas and for two weeks that's all I did, all day long. Yup! I would go through entire lists of favorite blogs. I had so much fun, I couldn't stop. I've had to resist but I could still go from blog to blog and sometimes do, but never like that first flush of love....
God bless. Linda

Anonymous said...

The new raggy quilt looks fabulous.
I agree with the whole time thing & blogging. I spent most of yesterday just blog hopping & web hopping!!!! No washing, no folding, no putting away & yep it's still there...& tonigh I have been hear for another 2 hours!
Sarah xxx

Shiree said...

oh yes, and I am blog hopping when I should be working - hoping that no one will come in and see what I am up to!! 'cos certainly not the pile of work that is accumulating on my desk!